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 What's Your Brand's Social Story?

As a brand manager or social media professional, you determine the level of engagement you want to have with your audience and if your content will be focused on informing, influencing or enticing members to perform an action. While it’s easy to get lost in scheduling content, it’s even easier for someone to get “in the weeds” sifting through social analytics data. However, in order to effectively revise your social strategy, you have to know the story behind your social media efforts. Meet Talu, a story-based analytics platform that does just that.

Currently in Beta, Talu provides clear and easy to read reporting based upon the Talu Methodology. After the network and profile is selected, Talu provides a weekly recap showcasing visualized data and actionable insights from the previous week. Think of the service as a one-stop shop for social reporting vs. mining through the data from the respective networks and putting the pieces together.  

What makes Talu unique is it's ability to bring your social data to life with graphical images, charts and statistics you can reflect on to align your social efforts with desired outcomes. Some highlighted features for Twitter reports are:

  • Overall activity on social media - Providing you with a number of activities achieved and the amount of times our content has been discussed 
  • Reach - Extent to which your tweets have traveled and the amount of impressions they received 
  • Anomalies - If there is a downward spiral or upward peak in traffic or unusual patterns, they will be highlighted here 
  • Efforts - Details about your network activity for that week including: tweets, retweets, follows, replies and favorites on Twitter.
  • Insights - Relays your top influencer of the week and their dominance in the social space along with their number of current followers'.

I asked the Talu team a few questions and here's what they had to say:


  1. What are some of the features users can look forward to once it's out of Beta? "The most requested features that we are currently working on are monthly reports and exportable/printable versions of the report." 
  2. How does Talu differ from it's competitors? "Today, most of our competitors use a dashboard approach to display data as charts and graphs, but are left with the difficulty of pairing data to answer their business questions. So we built Talu around a methodology we call Story-based Analytics, that structures data to tell a story that answers questions rather than just providing statistical data that is out of context." 
  3. Are there any user success stories you can share?  "Many agencies have shared reports they built for their clients, which helped them reduce the hours needed to generate reports and freed them up to provide better services. Several small business owners who don’t have the resources to hire a full time agency or marketing person have used Talu to get insights that they didn’t have the time or expertise to use before."

Do you currently use a social reporting automation service?  What are some of the biggest KPI’s you use to determine the success of your social strategy? Share your thoughts on Talu or answer the questions in the comment section below. 

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