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Anthony Named Keynote Speaker at 2017 Planet Fitness Independent Franchise Association Conference 

"I'm honored to be confirmed as the keynote speaker during opening session at the Planet Fitness Independent Franchise Association Convention in Orlando, FL. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and insight to attendees on: the importance of digital media, why you should consider it in your marketing mix, and how you can use it to further engage your audience members," says Anthony Roberts, Jr.  

About the Planet Fitness Independent Franchise Association

In May 2014, a number of franchisee leaders realized the need for a more comprehensive approach to franchisee organization at the urging of many fellow franchisees. Shortly thereafter, the PF Independent Franchisee Association (PFIFA) became a reality. PFIFA, as an independent association and free from corporate control, is free to safeguard and enhance franchisee business interests and maintain and grow their equity.

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