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Earlier this summer, Google introduced Google Domains to the world and it's plans to enter into the domain registry business. A 2011 study conducted by White Stratus revealed that almost 20% of companies use Google Apps for Business. As a result, Google Domains could not only be a profitable but smart move for this Internet giant.

Recently by email, I received an exclusive invitation to beta test Google Domains. The service currently only supports top level (TLDs) and available to users in the U.S. The cost to purchase/transfer most TLDs is $12/year. In the email, there was an offer code to not only join the beta but to also purchase or transfer a domain for FREE. I chose to transfer a domain I already own with another provider to test the service out. The process was painless and I was able to transfer my domain within 24 hours. 

From my initial usage of the service there are a few great features to highlight:

  • Branded email forwards and sub-domains (up to 100/each). Email forwards or ailises allow you to create custom addresses for your domain ( Sub-domains provide you with the ability to create custom page links ( 
  • No additional cost for private registration. This added bonus allows you to secure your personal information associated with your domain and generally comes with a price tag with most domain registrars. 
  • Support. I was able to test a support ticket and obtained a response in less than 12 hours of my inquiry. 
  • Site builder partners. Google has partnered with Weebly, Shopify, Wix and Squarespace. These players are some of the top web site builder companies on the web. This partners allow you to build your web presence and easily connect it to your Google Domains account.

Here are a few recommendations I have for improving Google Domains:

  • Support. The site touts the ability to speak with a live agent for support however I waited 10 minutes and unsuccessfully was able to speak with an agent via phone. 
  • Price of Domains. Google should seriously consider a price difference between domain purchases and transfers. By pricing domain transfers lower than purchases, they are able to offer an incentive offer for those looking to jump ship with their current registrars.
  • Offer codes. I responded publicity to the Google+ Your Business profile  announcement post about Google Domains and doing so was has proved to me that people still do read comments (and use Google+). On more than 6 seperate occasions, I have been either mentioned in latter posts and/or contacted by someone requesting an offer code. Google relays that it will be providing offer codes to current beta users however, at this time, I do not have any. Comment below if you would like to be considered for an offer code, when they become available. 

What questions do you have about Google Domains Beta? Are you considering using the service once it is available for the public?

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