• About Anthony Roberts, Jr.

    Explore the skill set and services of marketing & new media professional, Anthony Roberts, Jr. Anthony specializes in successfully connecting businesses with consumers. With over eight years of industry experience, he is truly a savvy marketing and new media professional.


    The Man, The Marketer

    A native of Daytona Beach, Florida Anthony is no stranger to the Internet or marketing. He has always found advertisements whether viewed through traditional or new mediums intriguing. Anthony finds it fascinating the way marketing can entice or evoke actions or feelings of emotion.



    Eight Years of Experience

    To date, Anthony has established 200+ brands, managed 250+ social media profiles and marketed/executed more than 400 events. With over eight years of industry experience, he is truly a savvy marketing professional and new media enthusiast.



    Three Degrees Down

    Anthony's undergraduate studies were completed at Johnson & Wales University where he received an Associate of Science and Bachelors of Science both in Marketing. To expand his knowledge of the emerging digital sphere, Anthony attended Full Sail University where he obtained a Masters of Science in Internet Marketing.

    Recommendations for Anthony Roberts, Jr.

    Raoul Davis


    "I have known Anthony since 2007, after six months we began hiring him as a consultant. Ascendant provides branding services for executives. We were confident enough in Anthony that we allowed him to interact directly with successful clients and with our Senior Management team. He always did quite well in those interactions. His performance exceeded that of other candidates with similar experience levels. Anthony’s knowledge of social media, marketing and branding is far ahead of that of his professional peers."

    Dr. David Malebranche


    "Anthony Roberts, Jr. is an exemplary visionary and social marketer who was invaluable in getting my website and marketing campaign for my first book off the ground. His innovative thinking and approaches to promotion were instrumental in me getting a much needed boost in readership and supporters of my work."

    Brian Weiss


    "Anthony is a talented social marketer and promotions expert whose creativity is only surpassed by his energy and good nature. His promotions are innovative and ahead of the curve and always provide excellent value to the products and services he is promoting. He would be an outstanding addition for any project or team."

    Ian M.S. Royer


    "Anthony is a true Marketing Maven. He is a creative and strategic genius, who seeks the clients best interest at all times. In addition to this, he is an amazing philanthropist and is dedicated to community growth and the development of at risk communities."

    Braden Douglass


    "Anthony is by far one of the most innovative and excited human I have ever met. His personality is absolutely oozing with a sense of wisdom, comedy, and professionalism. In addition, I knew he was always there with a helping hand if I ever found myself needing assistance with complex algorithms or with the discreet math involved in Social Media. If Anthony's name ever graces your desk in the form of a resume, you should do yourself a favor: hire him."

  • Stats & Figures

    Anthony will let the results speak for themselves.


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  • Services

    Anthony specializes in successfully connecting businesses with consumers. Learn more about his service offerings and schedule a consultation to discuss how he can do the same for you.


    Every voice deserves to be heard. Anthony Roberts, Jr. consults with both businesses and individuals who want to establish or expand their brands for maximum reach. He helps clients identify their talents, skills, and unique attributes, and then show them how to highlight those assets through effective marketing techniques. To date, Anthony has worked with numerous high-profile clients who value his expertise and experience in the marketing sphere.


    If you are ready to make your mark in your industry, Anthony can help you maximize your business's full potential. His knowledge of marketing and new media makes him uniquely qualified to guide both startup and established businesses toward fresh, compelling marketing strategies.



    Each time potential customers visit your website, they develop an impression of your company, product, or service. To succeed in this market, your website must captivate your visitors, encourage them to delve more deeply into what you offer, and leave them with a favorable impression of your business.


    Anthony Roberts, Jr. offers expert consulting services in web design and search engine optimization (SEO). Web design draws visitors into your website and hits just the right notes to reflect your business's atmosphere and culture. SEO, on the other hand, helps search engines find your site when potential customers search for relevant information. Anthony helps clients with both facets of web development so they not only reach visitors, but also subsequently convert them into customers.



    Many individuals and business owners struggle with social media. Which platforms should you use? How often should you post? How do you connect with potential and existing customers?

    Anthony Roberts, Jr. is an expert in social media. He helps clients create engaging social media campaigns and execute fine-tuned strategies designed to elevate their brands and draw attention to their work. Since millions of consumers use social media on a daily basis, these platforms provide a built-in audience for businesses and individuals.


    Anthony not only consult with businesses that are new to social media, but he also help business owners revitalize old or unused accounts. Get in touch today to learn more about his customized social media consulting services.



    A successful marketing campaign combines multiple strategies and tools to make businesses more visible and accessible to their audiences. Anthony Roberts, Jr. understands the importance of incorporating new media into each marketing campaign he directs. With his comprehensive experience in marketing and new media, Anthony develops sound marketing strategies and helps clients execute them both online and in other media.

    If your marketing efforts seem stalled or inefficient, get in touch with Anthony to discuss new possibilities. Your marketing campaign should energize both you and your customers, as well as foster a mutually beneficial relationship with your clients. His job is to help businesses connect with their clients in productive ways through strategic campaign development and management.


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